The Crew

Erik Peterson

Erik Peterson studied film at the University of Southern California. After graduating, Erik worked in Los Angeles for several years in feature film post-production. In addition to his post-production work in Los Angeles, Erik also worked as a production assistant, a set painter, and a script reader and as a sound recordist. Erik has written several screenplays and teleplays. Erik now resides in New York City where he works as an interactive developer for the advertising industry. Erik’s next project will be a feature film screenplay entitled “The End of Innocence”.

Manuela Ramos Fisher

Manuela was born in Cape Verde Islands, Africa and has been living in New York City since 1999. After working in the financial industry for many years, Manuela decided to change her career because she has long had a passion for the creative world of filmmaking. Manuela’s credits include: Café Con Leche, and an independent feature film; P.O.E, out on DVD release. Manuela is also an avid screenwriter who has just completed her third feature length screenplay.

Sadia Carone
Casting Director

SADIA CARONE believes in following her heart and chooses projects based on her connection to them and the energy around them. Sadia thoroughly enjoyed working on Cafe Con Leche. It is no accident that most of the cast is European, there is a depth and level of emotion that European actors understand very well. Sadia studied in Paris for two years and is an avid salsa dancer. Sadia has worked for 2 years as an Associate Producer on a Brazilian news show ("Manhattan Connection"), and has appeared on TV in Spain, France, Japan, Brazil, and the US as a singer/dancer/actress.

Beaux Latham

Beaux Latham has been performing music for as long as he can remember. The earliest instrument being the desk at preschool (when the teacher asked him to stop drumming on the top of it, he switched to drumming on the bottom), he soon after made the transition to a real drum kit. He picked up some piano and many other instruments along the way, and has been a member of several different rock, experimental, and jazz groups. He performs covers of pop songs in the “imaginary” southern band, Beaux Bros., which he regularly posts at While working as an animator in the advertising industry, he also puts his musical talents to use composing background music for occasional jobs. Café con Leche is his first soundtrack for film, composed and performed entirely in his home studio. He currently resides with his wife, Laurel, (who plays cello on the soundtrack) and their daughter Ivy in Manhattan.

Jennifer J. Green

Jennifer Green graduated from Make-up Designory School (MUD) in Los Angeles California from the Master Make-up artistry program. Jennifer has worked on several projects such as Detroit: Not for Wimps which was a short that was a 2008 Remi Winner of the 41st World fest Houston International Film Festival, The Lucky One which was a short and in 2006 Awarded Faculty Honors at Columbia University Film Festival, O.A.R music video that one the 2006 MTVU woodie award for best streamline video, In the Blood which one the 2006 Fire Island Film and Video Festival best feature, and Being Reel a commercial that one Coca - Cola Refreshing Filmmaker's Contest in 2004.